Referring Agencies

Repeat Boutique does not charge for its services and welcomes people in need who bring referrals from charitable organizations, churches, and governmental agencies such as DuPage County Community Services.

This referral form should be printed, completed and signed by the referring agency/church and given to the family to bring to our Center.

Upon their arrival at our Center, they will present the referral to our desk worker and their 12-month period of free shopping begins. Our desk worker will explain our policies for shopping once every three months to accommodate weather changes & growth patterns. They will also provide our guidelines on how to shop for each member of their family.

Our motto is: ’take what is needed instead of what is wanted’ to hep accommodate the 300 families that shop each month. Thank you for partnering with us on providing clothing and household items to people in-need.

Source of Referrals November 2022

Sources of Clients

In November 2022 Repeat Boutique served 1068 people from 283 households

Source of Clients Referrals People Served % of Total People
Christian Workers & Students 36 151 14%
World Relief 92 252 24%
Governmental Agencies 44 184 17%
Local Church Referrals 15 78 7%
Charitable Organizations 97 403 38%

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.

Matthew 5:7